The United States of America was forged through the blood and sacrifice of patriots to realize their dreams of a democratic society.  They left, homes, families, crossed oceans, and waged war to build what the world now recognizes as the greatest nation on the planet.  All too often today the concept of democracy is taken for granted by those who have never known any other way.  “Vote for You” was created to inspire and remind us that democracy comes with a price, a price to be paid on November 8th, 2016.  We’d like Americans to understand that they’re not voting for one candidate or the other but rather their own future.  This fall be sure to vote for you


The mural titled “Vote For You” was hand painted by the insanely talented Nicolette Capuano (Above) over the course of two weeks working nearly eight hours a day.  Her work ethic and attention to detail has no equal in my humble opinion as you can see in a few of the detail images below.








Below you’ll see the project’s final iteration as the subjects who have come to the studio explain what they will be voting for this year.  Not unlike our country, answers are as varied as the subjects themselves.  If you’d like to be a part of this project which will come to a close on November 8th 2016 please email to set up an appointment.  If you’re interested in potentially purchasing the mural itself, (It is for sale) please contact