Portraits From The Edge started off as a way for me to pay homage to one of my absolute heroes in the photographic industry, Peter Lindbergh as well as step out of my comfort zone as a studio portrait photographer.  I’ve admired his style and the simplicity with which he captures his subjects and the trust they place in him to truly bare themselves.  Recently I’ve also been trying to get out of the studio more often and do different types of work with the incredibly variable natural light we have here in Cleveland.  Only in Cleveland could we have a sunny day, cloudy day, hazy and overcast all in the span of 3 hours.

So now in our second year we pulled together another solid crew and after a quick discussion with the Cleveland Metroparks they said they’d love to have us back at their Edgewater Live event and invite as many people as we could!!

The “Lindbergh Box” that Peter pioneered is about as simple of a lighting setup as one can imagine, so long as you invert everything you’ve ever known as a photographer.  Most photographers, probably more like 97% of all photographers seek to add light to a scene in order to create drama or shift focus.  The box we created actually removes light from the scene and creates contrast in that way, this is called “Negative Fill” and is widely used by cinematographers and DPs when the addition of light is simply too expensive or not practical for a certain location.  It’s also way cheaper than buying big ass lights and modifiers… which is nice.

So a huge thanks The Cleveland Metroparks and my whole kick ass crew and friends who all came out to support me and help make my vision come to life… which you can now see below!!