New York City

“Your first 10,000

photographs are your worst”




At some point I’ll put an awesome video here so you guys can get to know me and the team… but for now here’s a couple ways you know you’re a photographer…


“You gaze at a beautiful sunset with the woman you love and think… F/8 at 1/250″

“Your friends have NO idea what you actually do for a living.”

“You have hundreds of family photos but are only in 3 of them.”

“You critique the lighting in a movie… not the acting.”

“You view every available flat surface is a potential emergency tripod.”

“You’re friends ALWAYS make you take the group photo.”



Be Yourself,

Everyone else is already taken

- Oscar Wilde

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AS MY artists

statement explains… “my work is

utterly incomprehensible”.

- Calvin and Hobbes

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Every Artist Was first 

An Amateur

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Look Mom…I’m on T.V.

“You don’t take a photograph… you make it.”

- Ansel Adams

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