The Dark Portrait Series by James Douglas celebrates those from all walks of life who champion Cleveland in their own right every single day. From the outside, Cleveland can appear gritty and downtrodden. But under the surface, Cleveland has always been a serious town with serious aspirations. We are loyal, but we do not forget. We earn our way, taking nothing for granted. We have lost, but we are resilient. We are not weak; together we are a force with which to be reckoned.
Cleveland has many reasons to hold its head high and be proud of what we’ve accomplished. We are back to back NBA Eastern Conference champions. We are a UFC champion.  We are world famous chefs.  We are world renowned art museums and theatre productions.  We are award winning broadcasters.  We are one of the greatest orchestras in the country.  And we are one of the most unparalleled healthcare systems in America.  These are the folks who make Cleveland…THE LAND.  So it only seemed fitting to show these passionate, talented, and often underestimated individuals in a light as unique as each of them.
Please join us to not only show support for these hardworking Clevelanders but to also make a difference in the lives of thousands of others through the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.
– J


I can’t thank everyone enough for all their help and support in making The Dark Show exhibition a reality. My man John Gadd and the rest of the Hotcards crew were incredible hosts for ‪#‎TJDS‬ and the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. My dude Devin of FWD Day + Nightclub Cleveland came through with the booze surrounded by an atmosphere provided by Steve and his Rock The House Entertainment. The amazing food provided by Eric,Rocco, and many more was to die for. Together we raised over $4,000 dollars that will provide 16,000+ nutritious meals for local Clevelanders and had a great time doing it!! You are all rockstars in my eyes and made a huge difference in this community through such a tiny event. Words cannot express how much love I felt that night. So naturally here’s a bunch of goofy event photos by the one and only Orville McEachron. ‪#‎WeFeedCLE‬