An Introduction: Meet Maddie Gaither…

The James Douglas Studio would like to welcome Maddie Gaither to the team!!

As many of you know, I’m far more talented with a camera than with a pen. I’m not much of a writer.  But it is paramount to me that the content involved with the studio is interesting, current, and grammatically correct.  With that in mind I’ve decided that we, (and more importantly you for that matter), would be far better off passing the torch to a talented young writer far more qualified than I.

I first met Maddie at our Studio Launch Party when she asked me to be a part of her series, I Wanna Be You.  She has been a friend of the studio ever since, dropping by for fashion shows, social gatherings and the occasional beer after a long day.  She really understands the inner workings of both the business and social aspects of the studio: the shoots, the up days the down days, and the ebb and flow of running a creative company.  With this experience and level of understanding it was a no brainer–we needed to look no further: Maddie was the clear choice.  Her first post is going to be about our recent shoot with the cast of a well known Broadway musical that also just happened to involve making a gigantic mess in the studio.

Without further adieux, we would like to welcome Maddie as our official “word smith,” “punctuation perfectionist,” “content creator,” etc…  Her spirit for collaboration paired with a fun-loving attitude makes her the perfect addition to the TJDS team!!!

– James



A little side note: So guys can see just how badly he needs me, here’s a copy of James’ first draft that he had me edit for this post. Ouch.  – Maddie

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 8.38.27 PM

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